• Who are we

    Who are we?

    My name is Iris and I work as a construction engineer. I am austrian and have come to France when I was 21 years old for one year of Erasmus student exchange in my studies of Civil Engineering at Lyon. At the karate lessons, a common passion, I got to know Alex who quickly became a friend, a confindent, my fiancé and finally my husband. In short, I never returned to Austria after my Erasmus stay. I finished my studies here and started off my professional career. Since 2011 I am working as construction manager in asbestos removal.

    I have always been crazy about animals in general and dogs in particular. I had my first dog, Berny, when I was 15 years old. Having been a true terrier the begining wasn't easy but has given me the opportunity to learn a lot about dog education. Especially for rather independent dogs with lots of hunting drive.

    I love outdoor sports and running, a little cycling and swimming. I have done karate for 10 years, a little powerlifting for 6 months and am currently trying out ashtanga yoga.

    I like languages because they enable me to communicate with so many people. I'm trilingual in german, french and english. I have had two years of spanish at university and just for fun I have decided to learn a little portugese and russian. This is also the origin of our kennel name: долина волка means "valley of the wolf" in russian.