• Our philosophy

    We are a family kennel where litters are planned primarily for our own needs. We do not wish to have more than 9 dogs so in average we will have a litter every 5 years. Only time will show if we wish to breed more often than that.

    All our puppies leave vaccinated, treated against worms and chipped with their passport, a "good health certificate" established by a veterinarian and an information brochure. All our puppies are pure bred and registered siberian huskies. Their parents are tested for hip displasia and eye problems (glaucoma, PRA, cataract).Our vision of the siberian husky is that of a dog living in family and/or pack and running together in a dog team, in front of a bike, a scooter, on foot or hiking. He is a versatile working dog who capable of running in sprint races as well as long distance races, carry equipment when hiking or pulling a pulka when cross-country skiing. There exist certain lines of siberians more specialised on one discipline than another (notably for sprint racing) which I find a pity. For us a siberian must be a performant working dog in each of the fields above. Note that I don't necessarily talk about winning in races.

    He must be at ease in his family and in his pack. Open minded, curious and social with other dogs and other people. He must be capable of being well in a house as well as in a pen, in a city as well as in the countryside. I will ask him to go sledding with me, to give everything he has so we can have a nice run. But also to come with me to the city and to carry his back-bag while I am running trough the streets. I ask him to pull, pull and pull still more when the dog team goes up a hill in bad trail conditions in winter and to slow down or stop on command when I go out roller skating in summer. I ask him to be full of energy and motivation on our outings and to be calm and affectionate in the evening at home. To be intelligent and to understand each of my words, to listen to us and take our opinion into account when making a decision.

    All our breeding dogs answer to these criterias as well as do their ancestors. We hope to produce puppies that give their new owners as much happiness and satisfaction as our dogs do.

    Many of the points we are looking for are very dependent on an excellent socialisation. This is why our working line siberian huskies are extremely well socialised until the age of 10 weeks when they leave for their new homes. We know that many mushers don't share our point of view thinking that all the fuss we make is of no use for the working sleddog. I think that early socialisation is the basis for the rest of the dog's life and the difference we can make here can never be caught up later.

    We have found the type of dog we were looking for at the Léva Nève kennel of Valérie du Rétail. These dogs have a basis of Polar Speed line. Ever since she has stopped breeding we had difficulties finding the same type of dog which is why we have started to breed ourselves.