• Husky play extreme (video)

    In this video I want to show the way our dogs play with each others. Our dogs are crazy and love to run. Especially the young ones stand out, they love to sprint, jump and to try out all kind of Aikido stuff! The aim is to grab the fur on the collar of the other dog, and to twist it in order to make him fall.

    Jemma, the small grey female especially stands out. She is one year old now and is a crazy little dog. What she lacks in size she makes up with stamina!

    All play you see in this video is harmless, friendly play of a pack of siberian huskies that live together all day long. Sometimes tension builds up a bit, especially between the two youngsters Jemma and Juli. Sound is cut out in the video but I do tell them to calm down when I don't like the way they play and it works right away.

    I have not accelerated one single thing in this video! Its either slowed down or real speed.

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