• Roots Léva-Nève

    Roots Léva-Nève

    Roots was our second husky and came to us when he was 8 years old in order to teach Daika (6 months old) and us what is a good sleddog. He turned out a very good leader who taught me a lot.

    Surname: Roots Boots

    See Roots' pedigree

    Date of birth: 25/10/2000

    Date of death: 13/08/2015 at the age of almost 15 years

    Height: 59 cm

    Weight: 24 kg


    Only good memories of little Roots!

    Position in the pack: everybody's buddy. He likes everybody and averybody likes Roots. Pack hierarchy isn't his cup of tea. He loves little dogs and adores to play with little white bichons. You d'say the wolf is playing with the sheep!

    Roots Léva-Nève

    Position in the team: Leader. Always on track and motivated Roots has saved me more than one time when young Daika had subversive ideas on his side or even in the back of the team. After two years of running together he even could distinguish the directions for 90° and 45° turns on trackless fields.

    Roots Léva-Nève

    Roots Léva-Nève


    • One of the most motivated dogs at work I have ever seen. A very good leader
    • Finished La Grande Odyssée 2005 with his breeder Valérie
    • His open and curious mind. When he moved from the mountainside to the city he loved to discover everything. Still now, when you take him for a walk, his tail wags constantly and his face is smiling!
    • His kindness.
    • Little wolf, he is a real beauty. I love his colour.

    Roots Léva-Nève


    • A little shy he never comes by himself to ask for a pet. It took him almost  years to be fully at his ease inside the house.
    • A little slow of mind when sledding is not concerned. It took me 2 years to teach him "sit" and after 5 years he still doesn't understand "lie down".
    • Isn't built for speed. He has always been our slowest dog and the reason why we haven't participated in any races. We have slowed down the youngsters until his final retirement when he was 12 years old.

    Roots Léva-Nève

    Daika and Roots (sitting)

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