• Julius Dolina Volka

    Julius Dolina Volka

    Surname: Juli (say "Yoolie")

    Son of Ebi and Fritz

    Date of birth : 05/07/2014

    Height: we will see

    Weight: we will see

    Health: we will see

    Position in the pack: we will see. Playful and easy he goes along well with everybody. He is very attached to us without being overly sensitive. He is very easy to live with and to take out to walks. This dog has chosen me and loves me, what more can you ask for!

    Position in the team: we will see.

    Julius Dolina Volka

    Strengths: we will see but we already see a little

    • Affectionate and playful this dog loves me
    • Open minded and curious he is easy to take on walks and relishes life

    Weaknesses: we will see but we already see a little

    • Very talkative but managable
    • Loves to eat our socks!

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