• F'Chico Marx du Fur Rendez-vous "Fritz"

    F'Chico Marx du Fur Rendez-vous "Fritz"

    Fritz has rejoined us in summer 2013 when he was 3 years old. He has grown and lived in a long distance kennel and has run 2 seasons (3500km each) there with his breeder Catherine Fontaine-Mathis. We didn't plan on taking him but he got us with his caracter. Further his pedigree, his construction and his working experience made him an ideal partner for a possible litter with Daika. After Jaakko has left us I had like a giant hole in my heart. And Fritz, his grandson, gave me back a little bit of Jaakko in the form of a much younger dog. I have the same bond with him, I am so happy. Thank you Cathrine for having let him go to us!

    Surname: Fritzi. Fritz got his new name when he came to us. After one week of trying to call him Chico I gave up and changed his name. Why Fritz? Because I am austrian and have always loved this name!

    See Fritz' pedigree

    Date of birth: 22/06/2010

    Height: 60cm

    Weight: 25kg

    Health: HD C ; eyes OK

    F'Chico Marx du Fur Rendez-vous "Fritz"

    Position in the pack: He is the one who has the last word with the other boys. He loves to play with any dog, male or female, outgoing or frightened. He makes everybody fell at ease and have fun together. Always in good humour he is a very relaxed dog. He goes along very well with Daika and also plays often with Roots. Ebi is giving him the cold shoulder and Ewok doesn't understand how another male might want to play with him without caring for who lifts his leg where and who goes where.

    Would like to eat Isis the cat but has understood now that I don't want him to do it.

    Position in the team: any position. Loads of will to go and very forward oriented in any position. He does a good job in lead where sets a good pace. I like to put him with Ebi: Fritz for the power and Ebi for the brain. I'm sure that next year he will also learn the directions. In his first life he has run two seasons in a long distance team with a stay in Sweden all winter.

    F'Chico Marx du Fur Rendez-vous "Fritz"


    • His caracter. Cool and relaxed, affectionate and full of energy. I love this dog!
    • Our dog team cruise missile. Thank you Catherine for having taught him the job so well!


    • Thinks he is a kangaroo and jumps up and down like a rubber ball when he is excited.
    • I very interested in Isis, I prefer to keep an eye on him.
    • Can not (yet?) be unleashed. If ever I get there it will be lots, lots of work.

    F'Chico Marx du Fur Rendez-vous "Fritz"

    His mother, Ultra Léva-Nève (Shamane LN x Polar Speed Jaakko)

    F'Chico Marx du Fur Rendez-vous "Fritz"

    His father, T'Georges du Fur Rendez-Vous (Rolling Stone Léva-Nève x Pepite du Fur RDV)

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