• Ewok of Draye Blanche Spirit

     Ewok de la Draye Blanche

    Surname: Bu, Bubu, the baby, the chihuahua, the aircraft carrier

    See Ewok's pedigree

    Date of birth: 17/10/2009

    Height: 63 cm

    Weigth: 25kg

    Not suitable for breeding

    Position in the pack: Ewok is very, very sensitive on one hand and veryn very macho on the other hand. He would like to see himself as leader of the pack even if the idea frightens him a little. But he just isn't made for the job. Maybe because he has been raised by two females? Jaakko has been the boss when Ewok grew up but he was very relaxed and intervened little. Ewok is very protectif of "his" females. Ebi has adopted and raised him when she was only 6 months old. Still now the two of them love each other. With other males Ewok feels forced to act like a muscular macho and very obsessed by procedure and hierarchy. You can't find a husky more protective of his pack than Ewok! He is obsessed who pisses where and who may got to see whom. Fortunately he is the only one like that in our pack. Which destabilises him quite a bit as the others just don't understand why he gets stressed so quickly. Because in reality Ewok is really friendly, he is just a little afraid of males he doesn't know.

    Ewok de la Draye Blanche

    Position in the team: any. He is as good in lead as he is everywhere else. He slightly prefers to be in team or wheel but he does nice work in lead. He has eyes behind his ears and will always be very attentive to what I wish. Ewok would do absolutely anything for us. So if we wish for him to go in lead, he will do everything to be a good leader. In new situations he may look back sometimes to check if everything is still okay. He needs to know permanently that we are proud of him and that he does a great job.

    Ewok is very powerfull and very fast. Being 100% concernend about what I want he is my best dog for cycling and roller skating (dog powered roller skates really gets your adrenaline going!).

    Ewok de la Draye Blanche


    • Very obedient and always willing to please us. He is the only siberian I could walk without leash very rapidly and only with a minimum of education. Ewok is really unique in that point. I often say that he is a setter dressed up as a husky.
    • A super working dog. Powerfull, quick and obedient he is a super sled dog.
    • Very strong he is an excellent hiking dog. On our 5 day hike he carried 8 (!) kg of equipement since he got bored with the 5kg I had planned for him. Strong as an ox!
    • He absolutely loves us and is by far our most affectionate dog. He is obsessed by lying on our lap on his back to make us rub his belly. This is where his surname "chichuahua" comes from.

    Ewok de la Draye Blanche


    • Very talkative. He is the only dog I cannot silence when I open the door of the pen. He is very expressive which isn't a fault en such. Ewok talks all the time. And even more when he is excited. But sometimes he barks a little too much.
    • A "crazy licker". He licks every hand he can get his tongue on, he just can't help himself. Ok, this could be considered rather cute but you know sometimes...
    • His sensitivity. I have to say that this isn't a weakness in reality, it's just that I personally have difficulties to deal with it. Ewok is connected to us all the time and has to be reasured all the time. My husband loves it. He is a little anxious in new situations and with new people, even though he has had a very good socialisation. I knew his mother and had no idea where he has got this personality from. It was when I got to know his father that I came to understand. His father has exactly the same caracter and his owners appreciate very much.

    Ewok de la Draye Blanche

    Ewok and Ebi, his adoptive mother and "big sister"

    Ewok de la Draye Blanche

    Ewok was our cutest puppy, a real beauty!

    Ewok de la Draye Blanche

    His mother, Astrale Léva-Nève (Rickless LN x Play Boy LN).

    Rickless is the sister of Rocket and (Rolling) Stone (living with Catherine Mathis) and Rainbow (who has run the Yukon Quest)

    Ewok de la Draye Blanche

    His father, Vatito de Abodi "Cody" (Maia de Abodi x Zikin de Abodi)

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