• Ebishkaja de Blau Fontein "Ebi"

    Ebishkaja de Blau Fontein

    Surname: Bi, Bibi

    See Ebi's pedigree

    Date of birth: 02/07/2009

    Height: 57cm

    Weight: 21kg

    Health: HD A (no dysplasia), eyes OK

    Fit for breeding, National Specalty 2011: very good

    Ebishkaja de Blau Fontein

    Position in the pack: Calm and always well behaved Ebi doesn't any trouble. I think she could have been a good boss but she visibly doesn't want the job. She lets Daika get a away with all her crazy fits, event when she isn't in humor at all to be crazy Daika's punching ball. But at some rare occasions Ebi speaks up and when she does she is immediately respected by everyone. Ebi and Ewok (Bi and Bu, you see?) are inseparable and adore each other. Ebi plays with nobody else, even if she participates in the general coursing games. Ebi has been raised by Daika with a stong hand but also in a very affectionate way, she has taken the job very seriously. Ebi has done the same thing for Ewok whom she has raised like a big sister.

    Position in the theam: Lead dog. Ebi is a born leader. She loves the job and is looking for new trails as much as I am. She is the only one who after 5 tours on a circular trail of 2km still aims pour another tour with enthousiasm when everybody else is already bored to death.

    Ebishkaja de Blau Fontein


    • Her kindness. Ebi is a kind dog who wants to offend nobody. When she was a puppy she has been well behaved from the begining and always more mature than her age.
    • The center of gravity of our pack. Calm and mature she counter-balances de fits of crazyness of Daika and Fritz.
    • In the dog team she is my new brain since Roots' retirement
    • A super hiking dog. She wisely manages her efforts for the long run. This way she can carry a maximum of weight with a minimum of soreness.
    • Can walk without leash.

    Ebishkaja de Blau Fontein

    Ebi at 7 weeks. I love this pig's nose!

    Ebishkaja de Blau Fontein "Ebi"


    • Her politness. She rarely asks for attention and comes by herselve even if she likes the contact with us a lot. I have to admit Ebi is for me some kind of extra terrestial. Even when she was a puppy I have never been able to find out a way to come through to her. No game, no toy that would passion her. I still try to learn her language and understand her.
    • Since she is very economic with her efforts we have to teach her to trust us and to give everything she has over the whole run.
    • She is a real bulldozer when she is affectonate (just like Roots).

    Ebishkaja de Blau Fontein

    Her mother Colima de Blau Fontein (Vodka de Blau Fontein x Polar Speed Dallas)

    Ebishkaja de Blau Fontein

    Her father Polar Speed Golja (Polar Speed Solo x Blondy av Vargevass)

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