• Daika Léva-Nève


    Daika Léva-Nève

    Daughter of Jaakko, see Daika's pedigree

    Date of birth: 06/02/2008

    Height: 57cm

    Weigth: 21kg

    Health: HD A (no dysplasia), eyes OK

    Recommended for breeding "1st choice" by the french kennel club at the Siberian Husky Specialty 2009Daika Léva-Nève

    Position in the pack: the boss, she has taken the job after the death of her father, Jaakko. Like Jaakko she uses her brain and not her muscles to manage the others. She doesn't need to fight and obeys very well so that she may even let another unknown female growl at her if I tell her to. Having grown up in a big city (Lyon) and played with dogs of every breed and age she comes along very well with any dog or person. She loves racing other dogs (because she is the fastest of them all!).

    Daika Léva-Nève

    Position in the dog team: wheel. Because she is really, really strong and because I don't trust her in lead. Event though she knows the directions and my husband swears she is a genius in lead.


    • Exceptionnal athletic abilities. She is our fastest dog and pulls like a male. She has a fluid lope like no other of our dogs. Like a serpent (watch the video).
    • Absolute confidence in herself and the world around her. Puppy she played ball at the central station of Lyon... She encounters any new situation or person with curiosity and total lack of fear.
    • Near-supernatural intelligence. Daika understands everything we say, even if this doesn't mean that she does everything we tell her to! She clearly herited this of her father Jaakko.
    • Since she was our first dog she profited the most of classic education. She knows to walk heel with and without leash and know several tricks (say please, jump into my arms, leg slalom, dead, paw.

      Daika Léva-Nève


    • Queen Daika has an ego like no other dog. Having been our first husky she didn't benefit of adult female dogs that would have helped her find her place and we have not been able to do it ourselves. She thinks herself center of the world and puts her own interest over those of the team. This is why I don't use her as lead dog. She thinks rules are for everyone but her and always needs an extra reminder.
    • Poor feet and hates pain: she needs booties on all runs on dirt

    Daika Léva-Nève


    Daika Léva-Nève

    National Specialty 2009, "recommended 1st choice"

    Daika Léva-Nève

    Daika Léva-Nève


    Daika Léva-Nève

    Her mother: Vladi Léva-Nève (daughter of Rocket LN and Play-boy LN)

    Daika Léva-Nève

    Her father (sitting) : Polar Speed Jaakko (son of PS Alugay and PS Hiluway) and her half-brother Tolkien LN

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